Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Makeup Collection & Storage - January 2017

I should probably wait until my order from Notoriously Morbid arrives before doing this, but it will take a few weeks (indie company, international shipping, Christmas commerce hangover) and I really wanted to get this up! This is my dressing table, where I store all of my makeup. It is an antique reproduction which is about 23 years old, but you can still purchase it here! No Ikea 'Alex' drawers for me, thanks. This post is long and image-heavy, so be warned.

The rat skeleton guards my precious pencil eyeliners. He is not to be messed with.
There is space underneath the table, where I keep my eyeshadow palettes, vanity mirror, and my everyday makeup bag. I also keep my deodorant and dry shampoo here, as this is where I get ready in the morning, and it keeps things tidy but accessible.

This vanity mirror is from Casa Couture at House of Fraser. It is very sturdy and kind of perfectly huge. I love it! The dark grey mat is just a floor mat that I use to catch any makeup spills, as I had a lot of stains on my carpet from black eyeliner and shadow.

 The dressing table has two larger drawers at the front. They are very shallow, which I personally like as it means they can't be overfilled. The right drawer holds hair products and a couple of combs. The left holds face products, lashes, lenses, and some tools.

The super cute Hello Kitty rectangular Gothic boxes hold the lashes I've been wearing recently. The rounder Gothic box is a travel contact lens kit. All are from Ali Express!

The four smaller drawers house lip products, coloured and glitter liquid eyeliners, and eyeshadow singles. Again, these aren't the deepest but I like the fact that I can see everything that I have easily, and nothing feels crammed in.

These Nyx Cosmic Metals are so exciting! I love the glossy, metallic finish and they're a really comfortable way to do weird lip colour.

I absolutely love the Collection (2000) Glam Crystals eyeliner! I have every shade and I use them regularly for club looks or just to cheer me up on a boring weekday. They're excellent value for money.

I just trimmed this drawer down a little to make room for my new Notoriously Morbid things. This is the drawer that excites me most!
Colourpop started posting to the UK this year. It's been fun.
Finally, I have some things out on the little shelves that house the smaller drawers.  On the left I have my coloured pencil liners and my depotted OCC lip tars (which I am trying to use, but ugh they are such a damn hassle). On the right, I have liquid lipsticks, some Colourpop Lippie Stix, and a few small bullets that look pretty -- how can you hide those unicorns? The lacy cups are metal candle holders from Ikea, and the acrylic storage is from Amazon.

The white cup holds 'everyday' lip colours (for me, these are dead girl nudes in grey and taupe tones) and the black cup holds more unusual and fun shades.

 I keep my brushes on the table surface. Face brushes go in another Ikea container, and eye brushes are in a smaller resin jar from Debenhams. I also keep my makeup sponges and cotton buds out as I reach for these often.
I keep my palettes in a pretty floral metal container from The Range. I think it's intended for letters and such.

The black Makeup Forever metal palette houses depotted eyeshadow and single pans. The metal Urban Decay palettes are filled with singles of their Moondust shadows, as I love that formula.

This huge Biba makeup bag holds my everyday, staple makeup items: the things I use daily that I need to have on hand easily. I've had this bag for about five years and it has lasted incredibly well.
 The small grey canvas bag holds tweezers and a lash comb. Of these products, I am trying to get through the primer, the Mac shadow and lipstick, the Nyx lipstick, and the Lanolips. Also, the dropper bottle contains decanted foundation lightening drops from The Body Shop, as the pipette of the original packaging is dire.

For the sake of being thorough, this is my handbag makeup bag. I use these products for touch-ups, and I have a few lip products too.

I am trying to use up the Colourpop and Maybelline lipsticks. The Nyx Lip Lingerie is in the shade 'Embellishment', and is my absolute favourite thing to wear on my lips.

Finally, my backups! There is a lot of black pencil liner in here as I was able to get a load of brand new Urban Decay liners on Reddit. I also have a backup of Lime Crime 'Cashmere' as it was my previous favourite daily lip product (it's still up there) and it can be hard to get. I also have two discontinued shades of the Glam Crystals liner.
And that's everything I own! I would like to trim down my collection slightly as there is a lot, but I do love what I have currently and my storage is working well for me. In my next post, I'm going to go over my goals for my makeup collection and beyond, that I'll be trying to achieve in 2017.

Sunday Evening - 20/11/2016

It has gotten so cold up here in the wilds, so I'm spending my evenings at home with incense and candles. Tonight I'm burning Stamford's Dragon's Fire sticks and starting a very inexpensive little glass candle from Wilko, whilst I watch Outlander and tend to my eBay listings. With Black Friday approaching, I've been feverishly going through my "eBay bags" so that I can fund some new purchases. I've got my eye on Regal Rose, Killstar, and EMP in particular, so making both funds and space is a necessity!

I've also been donating to the local charity shops recently, as I'm fortunate enough to work near several of them. I like to spread my donations around as it seems the fairest way, so I'm fast collecting Gift Aid cards. I find decluttering my space hugely satisfying and it brings me so much joy to know that the things I'm not making use of will go to someone who will appreciate them more, whilst helping worthy causes in the process. I probably only sell about a third of what I get rid of. I think that, especially as the season of rampant consumerism looms, it's important to take stock and give back a little.