Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Sunday Evening - 20/11/2016

It has gotten so cold up here in the wilds, so I'm spending my evenings at home with incense and candles. Tonight I'm burning Stamford's Dragon's Fire sticks and starting a very inexpensive little glass candle from Wilko, whilst I watch Outlander and tend to my eBay listings. With Black Friday approaching, I've been feverishly going through my "eBay bags" so that I can fund some new purchases. I've got my eye on Regal Rose, Killstar, and EMP in particular, so making both funds and space is a necessity!

I've also been donating to the local charity shops recently, as I'm fortunate enough to work near several of them. I like to spread my donations around as it seems the fairest way, so I'm fast collecting Gift Aid cards. I find decluttering my space hugely satisfying and it brings me so much joy to know that the things I'm not making use of will go to someone who will appreciate them more, whilst helping worthy causes in the process. I probably only sell about a third of what I get rid of. I think that, especially as the season of rampant consumerism looms, it's important to take stock and give back a little.

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