Friday, June 29, 2018

Outfit 29/06/2018

We are suffering a heat wave just now and this is what I could bear to put on my body. I am not made for this. My own skirt is a vintage Per Una that I acquired from my mum that has recently started to fit me again, which is nice!

Ali Express skirt, Killstar top, Boohoo kimono, New Rock shoes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Outfit 27/06/2018

I thought this would be too boring to post (although the shoes save it, in my opinion) but I'm trying to stop editing myself so here we are. I think I worry too much about posting what people want to see regardless of audience size so this time let's not do that and see what happens. Once again I don't have these exact earrings (mine are longer and very old, from ASOS) but I kind of wish I did. Wore this to work on another hot day because the top is airy, and I wanted to wear the boots to prove that I can. Sometimes I overthink shoe height and get weird vertigo anxiety. Just sometimes.

All Saints top, Next jeans, UNIF boots, Konov earrings.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Outfit 26/06/2018

Hurriedly-chosen outfit for work today which saw me wearing this top out for the first time. Weird how that happens. I'm actually wearing a below-the-knee Areline Paris lace-up skirt I found on eBay around 8 years ago, but this kind of suffices. Oh, and my own tights are from Tesco because apparently I deem fishnets as essential as food in this dull, Scottish heat.

H&M vest top, Rakuten skirt, New Rock shoes (secondhand), Alchemy earrings, Sence & Regal Rose rings, H&M tights.

Monday, June 25, 2018


My first foray into true vintage footwear was pretty fortuitous -- these 1990s Sonax boots are in immaculate condition to the point where I kind of feel bad that they were neglected by their previous owner for so long. Perfect elevation, the exact kind of cleated sole you'd want, still-supple leather, and a surprisingly flattering calf height. Obsessed. You can clearly see where the Demonia Shaker-100's roots lie -- and I got these for less than half of what those cost. I have some more tentative eBay purchases on the way, which I will hopefully find the inspiration to document soon.

Outfit 25/06/2018

A close approximation of what I'm wearing to work today, i.e. some of the oldest items in my wardrobe. I'd never thought of wearing a shawl over this dress (mine is actually a fine pointelle knit one I found on a cruise ship) but it gives me the right slightly-bedraggled-witch vibe. Urstyle is proving useful, although I hate that there are so many items of mine that I can't find images of online. I'd like to think I'll get around to taking suitable photos of them myself, but that probably won't happen.

(Topshop dress, Vicarno shawl, UNIF 'Downer' boots, Alchemy bat necklace, Regal Rose ring.)

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Outfit 22/06/2018

I wore this to work and then on to play Magic. Yes, it was as needlessly extra as you'd think.

I've been playing around with Urstyle (RIP Polyvore) and also revisiting the fashion blogosphere, which has made me miss the whole practice. In meticulously cataloging my own wardrobe (my Google search history looks manic) I realised how much I used to love documenting my own personal style, and whilst I'm still not one for posting photos of myslf from the neck down, perhaps these familiar little collages will suffice.

All Saints dress (second hand), Vivienne Westwood cardigan, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Alchemy necklace, Thomas Sabo and Regal Rose rings, and Pamela Love earrings as a close approximation to the Chris Lewis ones I actually own.