Monday, July 02, 2018

Outfit 02/07/2018

Amassing a wardrobe inventory on Urstyle has really reminded me of some of the lovely things I'm lucky enough to own, but completely neglect. It's mainly due to my own haphazard dressing, as well as a fear of ruining things. For example, many of my Regal Rose pieces are tarnishing beyond recovery and so it makes me afraid to wear them (I am now painting all of their items with clear nail polish, which helps. They even deleted a review of mine from their website when I complained that a choker I had from them turned brown, so I fear I'm not the only one who experiences this. However I do love their designs so I shall persevere.) I'm also very sad that I can't find a good approximation of the beautiful black crocheted Monsoon cardigan I'm wearing, which I got for £5 on eBay. It is stunning! The bangle is also a close match to one my mum recently passed on to me.

This Topshop dress was an impulsive sale buy, and it has proven to be exceptionally handy. I wear it at least a couple of times a month as it takes me from work to an evening activity feeling appropriately dressed for both. Also, velvet. 

Topshop dress, Loungeable Boutique cardigan, Pamela Love earrings, Underground brothel creepers, Regal Rose necklace, Great Frog bangle.

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