Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Outfit 17/07/2018

My outfits have been extra boring recently due to this wretched sun but recently the temperature has dropped a bit and I couldn't be happier. Cool weather dressing is always so much more fun! My boyfriend described this outfit as that of a 'well-respected mortician' so consider my life made. I was a bit nervous about acquiring a white shirt(!) but so far I'm enjoying the look. Sadly I can't find a collage-worthy image of this old ASOS skirt, which looks a lot more interesting. I have also ordered a crossover bow tie, Judd Trump style, which has been on my Ali Express wish list for years. Exciting!

I also like this outfit because the skirt is at least 6 years old, the shoes are secondhand, and the bow is a ribbon salvaged from a Biba carrier bag. Sustainability is something I've become a lot more mindful of this year and it makes for much more creative dressing.

River Island skirt, Hawes & Curtis shirt, Topshop crop top, New Rock shoes, Alchemy earrings.

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