Favourite Things

This page is devoted to my favourite shops and products. I'll update as I find more things to love!

I tend to try and buy my jewellery in sterling silver as I hate tarnishing. I would rather have fewer items of a higher quality, always. Things I look for in jewellery include resemblance to weaponry (preferably medieval, but I don't discriminate), mythological/natural/historical/horrific inspirations, unusual body placement, and a healthy dose of Goth. I seldom wear gold jewellery as I prefer and suit silver, but I still have a fair bit of it as change is fun. Other loves include pewter, cameos, marcasite, semi-precious and gemstones, chokers, anatomy and crucifixes.
  • Alchemy Gothic
    The best Gothic jewellery in pewter. Alchemy is probably my favourite jewellery brand. Well, Alchemy and ...
  • Thomas Sabo
    My other favourite! The ultimate in luxury jewellery, and a go-to for my family when it comes to my birthday and Christmas! Expensive, yes, but precious forever.
  • Fashionology
    Unusual silver jewellery inspired by nature and mysticism.
  • Rock Love 
    A gorgeous selection of handmade luxury items, inspired by nature and history. Lovely Victorian pieces, gemstones, bangles worthy of a Viking hoard ... An absolute must.
  • Regal Rose
    More fashion-forward jewellery, and some sterling silver at good prices, mostly with a dark aesthetic.
  • Twirly Trinkets
    The best chokers at brilliant prices, and unparalleled service! 
  • The Bohemian Collective
    This is where I buy my silver above-knuckle rings.
  • Delilah Dust
    Well-priced sterling silver in pretty designs.
  • Kreepsville 666
    Weird and wonderful horror jewellery, because zombie necklaces are essential. These pieces are really for fun!
  • Too Fast
    I love this brand for their pretty 'Cameo' range of necklaces. They are cute and eye-catching.
  • Peggy Skemp
    Stunning anatomical pieces.
  • Artmasters
    For dreaming ...
I am tempted to just type 'BLACK' here. ^_^ I tend to wear mostly dresses and skirts, and like very dark colours with the occasional surprise. I'm drawn to textures and intricacy in particular, and as I come from a dressmaking household I always look for quality. Velvet, lace, beading, satin and chiffon are my preferred fabrics, though my favourite casual outfit is a cool T-shirt and shorts. I like my clothes to reflect my interests.
  • TK MaxxAbout 50% of my wardrobe comes from this shop. I love the hunt!
  • AllSaints
    My favourite high-end high street shop. I love their mix of glamour and grunge with a dark palette running through.
  • Bolongaro Trevor
    AllSaints on crack. They were founded by the same people, and I absolutely love their designs. Still expensive, but they do great sales.
  • H&M
    The high-street store I shop in most -- it's essentially my Primark, as I can't stand that place! I love their Divided section for casual wear, and they do awesome sportswear as well. Their main range has pretty, classy workwear and the occasional gem.
  • Topshop
    My favourite high-street shop. My style isn't trend-led at all, but I always find some suitably Goth things in Topshop, and I love their jewellery, accessories and pyjamas!
  • ASOS
    And now, my favourite online shop! ASOS' range is vast and a bit daunting, but I always see something I like and again, their sales are insane! I love the variety that's on offer, and the quirky own-brand styles.
  • Hell Bunny
    These are, in my opinion, the best alternative summer dresses. They come a bit short, but I love the quirky prints and the fit-and-flare shape! (Available from eBay, Amazon, and various alternative retailers.)
  • Biba
  • Zara
Shoes are my favourite thing to buy, particularly black boots. I'd say 80% of my shoes are black (I won't say how many pairs that is). I don't like spindly high heels as they hurt; I do like wedges, block heels, and crêpe soles. Brothel creepers are my one true love.
  • Underground for the sturdiest, clumpiest, wonderful-est brothel creepers, and steel-capped boots.
  • Office for an amazing selection of brands as well as a competitive own range (and awesome sale!).
  • Jeffrey Campbell for credit card debt.
  • Fluevog for fantasy shoes.
  • Doc Martens forever.
  • Converse, Vans, and DCs for throwback delights.
  • Chloé for my first and only pair of designer shoes.
Now that I'm a home owner, there are even more things to spend my money on ... Here are some of my usual haunts.
  • TK Maxx/Homesense
    Unfortunately there's no online shop to link to here, but I love TK Maxx for unusual homeware. Past finds include metal skulls, a bell jar, and Hello Kitty bathroom scales.
  • Zara Home
    The dreamiest. We don't have a store in Scotland, and online delivery is really expensive, but I just love their beautiful things!
  • Wilkinsons/Wilko
    After a surprisingly Gothic homeware collection caught my attention, I've been a fan of Wilko as their quality is more than decent for their low prices! They do great deals on towels that come in all colours.